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iBase is used extensively by the Museum of East Asian Art to manage the digital collections of the only UK museum solely dedicated to the art and cultures of East and South East Asia.

The Museum of East Asian Art's collection consists of nearly 2,000 sets of objects from East and South East Asia. The collection of Chinese art is particularly comprehensive, spanning in date from 5,000 BC to the present and covering ceramics, jades, bronzes and much more. Some of the Chinese bamboo and wood carvings are among the finest found in European collections.

Curators upload and edit the content, creating and assigning subjects as required, and adding metadata to custom fields which include -

  • A summary description of the item.
  • Colour.
  • Length, width, height, diameter.
  • Digital file request feature.
  • Material e.g. Pottery.
  • Production date and period e.g. 2500 BC, Neolithic.
  • Production place and site name e.g.Yangshao culture, Machang type.
  • Condition notes.
  • Ownership details and previous owners.

Authorised users can then access the collections, using a variety of search features with automatic search suggestions 'as you type', and -

  • Batch edit.
  • Download.
  • Share with others in a number of ways.
  • Provide feedback.

iBase also supports Active Directory authentication, enabling users to use their normal network logging in credentials.

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