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iBase Image Library Software

iBase is the perfect professional platform for your picture or multi-media library.

Features of our image library system include:

  • Drag-and-drop files for easy uploading
  • Create multiple versions of videos and photos
  • Text or image watermarking
  • Automatic import of metadata and geolocation data
  • Auto-tagging and facial recognition
  • Publishing to a public site or social network platform
  • Sharing with other users and organisations
  • Multiple search and filter features
  • Rating and feedback facilities
  • hosted either on your premises or in the cloud
  • E-commerce and integration with PayPal or other payment portals
  • Custom branding to your exact specification

Why iBase Professional Online Image Library Software is the Best for You

iBase have many years experience of commercial and non-commercial photo library software, which informs our understanding of what you need and making the most of the latest technology. Off the shelf or fully customised, iBase will do exactly what you want it to do.

For uploading, cataloguing, indexing and system administration all you need - from anywhere - is access to the web with your normal browser on a PC, Mac, Android or Apple mobile device making photo organisation a breeze. Metadata creation and keyword tagging is easy and flexible, and there is full support for EXIF and IPTC data embedded within images.

Fast and accurate searching includes a Google-style quick search with phrase, wildcard and Boolean searching, automatic suggestions and customisable fuzzy searching to pick up on mis-spellings and irregular plurals. There's also a field search for forensic searching down to individual metadata field level, a hierarchical subject / category search and a geolocation search to find your images according to their embedded GPS data.

iBase can host your site for you, all you need to get started is a web browser. Or if you prefer, iBase can be deployed in your own hosting environment.

Why Would I Need Image Library Software?

For some people it's enough to upload their photos to their Facebook albums and share them with their friends. But for professional photographers, digital media agencies, picture libraries and any other organisation with a wealth of digital content, this is never going to be enough. These kind of users need the ability to bring all their disparate and scattered files together into a single secure location. They need the ability to comprehensively tag and catalogue their photos according to event, location, date and time, key words & phrases and rights management information. They need to be able to control access to these photos to prevent unauthorised users from downloading them, but at the same time make them available to other users for collaboration or e-commerce purposes. All of these requirements point to the use of a comprehensive photo manager software.

Photo Library Software in Action

Selling Your Images Online is Easy

One of the most common reasons for investing in photo library software is to monetise digital content - in other words, put it on a web site and allow people to buy and download it online. Everyone from professional photographers and event organisers to museums and local councils has a wealth of content that people might be interesting in buying. iBase photo library software gives you all the tools you need to get your collection of photos and videos online and start making it available to potential buyers. You can use either a rights-managed or royalty-free pricing model (or a combination of both), you can take payments via PayPal, WorldPay, Barclaycard SmartPay or any other card payment system, you can specify which versions of your files people can buy, and for how much and you can be sure of complying with EU VAT rules when selling files overseas. You can even accept files from external contributors and pay them a royalty every time their image is sold. It's all in the standard package and available at no extra cost.

Photo Library Software

Which Image Files can the Software Store?

iBase can store literally any file you want - not just any raw image file formats, but any video, sound or document file as well. For every recognised image file format (for example, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, PDF, TGA, etc), iBase will automatically create smaller resolution versions of the files that you import, with or without a watermark, so that users can preview your images before downloading or buying them, making managing your photos easier then ever. In addition, any descriptive or technical metadata that is embedded within those files will be automatically imported and mapped onto the corresponding database fields for easy searching, photo editing and re-exporting.

Can Image Library Software Be Used for both Personal and Business Use?

Yes - our photo library software is suitable for any level of use, from individual users want to manage their personal collection, all the way up to large corporate organisations or public art galleries who need to manage huge quantities of digital files. The features and functionality remain the same no matter who you are, and we don't charge more for extra users. With the option of a one-time licence fee and on-site hosting, or a monthly subscription to our cloud-based solution, you're guaranteed to be getting the right photo library software to match your requirements.

Photo File Upload
Photo Library Software

Some of our Image Library Features

  • Style and branding exactly as you want it
  • Not just an image manager - video, audio and documents too
  • Flexible metadata configuration
  • Automatically import IPTC, EXIF and XMP metadata
  • Easy to use interface for fast and simple content creation
  • Ready to go for e-commerce with PayPal integration
  • Multiple currencies and tax rates supported
  • Search engine optimised for both images and data
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