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Digital Asset Management

iBase Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management - often called DAM - is the process of organising, storing and retrieving digital files such as image, video, document or sound files, along with their technical and descriptive metadata.

iBase digital asset management provides everything you need. You can be up and running immediately with our Express system, including up to 1GB of data storage at no cost or obligation.

Features include:

  • Single, batch and hot-folder import of any file type
  • Automatic import of embedded metadata
  • Publishing to a public site or social network platform
  • Sharing with other users and organisations
  • A fully flexible permissions and security model
  • Multiple search and filter features
  • Metadata field configuration
  • Batch editing of any number of assets
  • E-commerce
  • Multiple file versions
  • Hosting either in the cloud or on-site

Who Uses Digital Asset Management Software?

More and more organisations are now recognising their need for a digital asset management system, as the world becomes ever more dependant on digital representations of objects and documents.

In the public sector, heavy users include art galleries, museums, libraries, education establishments and local authorities.

In the private sector, any company which depends on a large stock of digital files (for example a public relations or graphic design company, travel agent, media archive or department store) find that they benefit from the use of such a system.

Why Do I Need Digital Asset Management?

You need a digital asset management system if you:

  • Have a large or scattered collection of digital files that you want to centralise so that users can easily find what they're looking for.
  • Want to optimise the monetisation of your asset collection, for example as a picture library or local authority looking to take advantage of a large collection of images of local interest.
  • Need to control access to your collection so that you can safely share your files with clients or suppliers, or limit access to sensitive material.
  • Want to collaborate with other users on projects that require you all to have access to a common set of files.
  • Need to integrate your digital representation of objects with an existing collections management or library system.
Why do I need digital asset management?

What Metadata Do I Need To Store?

It's important to get the right balance between enough and too much metadata. Useful metadata fields for DAM include :-

  • Title – A short description of the item.
  • Description – As much text as is necessary.
  • Keyword Tags – To make finding exactly what is required both easy and quick.
  • Asset File Type – For example an image; audio file; video; document; drawing etc...
  • File Size – This useful in helping to decide whether the file is suitable for the intended use.
  • Upload Date – Who uploaded or edited the file and when.

iBase can have as many metadata fields as are required, they can be set to be visible only to those user roles that need them.

Upload Options

iBase DAM Upload And Download Options

Any type of file can be imported into iBase, and previews are automatically generated for all common image, video and document types.

Any specified file type that isn't wanted on the system can be blacklisted as required, a limit can be set as needed for maximum file size, and the number that can be uploaded in a single batch can be controlled as well .

Options for downloading include the original file, or any of the sizes or versions, with or without watermarks that were automatically created to your requirements at upload.

For image files, technical and descriptive metadata can be exported into them, using your custom metadata maps.

Migration Of Assets To iBase DAM

iBase offers a bespoke service to help you to extract and migrate your digital assets and associates metadata from any system, and import them smoothly into an iBase digital asset management system.

For ongoing data import, simply point our software at your exported metadata files and they will be automatically ingested, using custom data maps to ensure your data ends up in the right place.

Custom data manipulation and cleansing services are also available.

Migration of assets
How can iBase help?

How Can iBase Help?

iBase are experts in the field of digital asset management, having been continually developing our products since 1993. We have a wide client base, taking in both the public and private sectors, with a strong track record in the heritage market. Our user and technical support services are second to none and we can provide advice and consultancy in a number of DAM-related areas. Irrespective of whether your requirements are large or small, simple or complex, it is highly likely that we can provide a solution that's exactly right for you.

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