Digital Asset Management

iBase DAM works for you

Use iBase digital asset management for:

  • Collecting and storing digital assets
  • Any image, video, audio or document file
  • Search and retrieval - find digital assets easily and download the size that you need
  • Security - use our powerful permissions model to ensure that all users can see and do only what you - as a system manager - want them to see and do
  • An internal online (intranet) library for use only within the organisation, or a public online multimedia library with e-commerce ready to go
  • Sharing files with others instantly - upload, search, view and download with a PC, Mac or mobile device

When to use DAM

Digital asset management is the process of storing, tagging, organising, finding, sharing and downloading all of the digital files within your organisation. Situations where you need DAM software include:

  • When your assets are scattered everywhere and you can't find them
  • You need to grant or restrict people's permissions to access files
  • You want to share your files with other people, inside or outside your organisation
  • You have a collection that you want to make available to the public
  • Monetising your assets, in the form of a commercial picture or video library
  • Collaborating with other users when working on assets

Store, secure, search and retrieve

Storage, security, searching and retrieval are the three core aspects of DAM software - what do they mean?

  • Storage - collecting together all types of digital asset, for example images, video, audio, PDFs etc, and storing them all in one place - with suitable backup procedures of course - where everyone knows where they are.
  • Security - it might be that some or all of the digital media assets are subject to confidentiality restrictions, whereby for example some can be seen by all users, and others only by specific departments or individuals.
  • Searching - having stored the digital assets all in one place it is of course essential to be able to find them again, quite possibly looking for one or a handful of files amongst perhaps hundreds of thousands.
  • Retrieval - when a digital asset has been found there will often be a requirement to retrieve either the master version or a lower resolution surrogate. It might be that users are allowed to retrieve assets without the need for authorisation, or perhaps the administrator of the assets or some other individual will need to see a request and give specific authorisation.

iBase digital asset management system combines all of these essential features, incorporating powerful search mechanisms to find that "needle in a haystack", fully configurable download features, with robust and very flexible security options.