City of London

The City of London Corporation is a uniquely diverse organisation. They are centred at Guildhall but also have offices at Mansion House, Walbrook Wharf and outside the Square Mile in relation to green spaces and other facilities.

Managing and distributing internal digital assets

The City of London takes advantage of a single iBase system used to run multiple sites - in this case two - each with their own interfaces, collections, associated metadata and administrator access.

Standard features used by The City of London include:

  • Uploading and system management from any location.
  • Download files by authorised users.
  • Search keywords, hierarchical collections and geographic location.
  • Digital file request feature.
  • Google style searching with auto spell check and search suggestions to ensure visitors always return results from any search for maximum engagement.
  • Multiple light-boxes / saved selections.
  • Page by page view of documents, including PDFs.
  • Email links and thumbs.

iBase also supports Active Directory authentication, which allows users to login using their existing credentials, and system administrators to control who has access to what using their standard network administration tools.

Internal Digital Asset Management