National Gallery of Ireland

Archives and collections online library - NGI DORAS is a database developed to provide instant access to material from the National Gallery of Ireland's various archives and library collections by offering the user high quality images, associated information and multiple retrieval options.

Online art and heritage archive

DORAS was developed under the auspices of the National Gallery of Ireland by a team comprising the NGI Library & Archive Department and iBase, and with the cooperation of the NGI Prints and Drawings Department and Rights and Reproductions Department.

Key features -

  • Collections search for images and data records that are grouped around the same or similar topics.
  • A comprehensive keyword and tag subject hierarchy with an easy to use drag and drop curatorial interface.
  • All images can be examined in high detail using the powerful zoom controls.
  • Curators can set 'Hot Spots' on an image to highlight important features which when clicked link to even further detailed pages.
  • All relevant detail and linked items are referenced on single pages using a flexible relationships data model.

It's a pleasure to work with iBase. Their customer support is exceptional - a hard thing to come by these days!

Giada Gelli, Librarian at National Gallery of Ireland
National Gallery of Ireland using iBase Online Library Software