Museums, Heritage & Art

Attract the largest possible audience for your treasured collection of art and heritage items. Images, videos, sound files, books and manuscripts can all be displayed.

Features include

  • Cataloguing and indexing of heritage, museum and gallery digital assets.
  • A virtual art gallery with web display of historic pictures and images of artifacts.
  • A back end cataloguing interface and a separate public facing site that can be styled exactly how you want it to look, including exact matching with an existing site if required.

With collections online, the world is your audience

  • Images, videos and audio files can all be displayed, together with books, manuscripts etc…
  • An online presence will bring more visitors to your gallery.
  • Zoom views of fine art can provide a closer look even than being in front of the picture.

iBase picture library and digital asset management online

Sell copies of images online - full e-commerce is included as standard.