World Rugby

With its headquarters in Dublin, World Rugby is the world governing and law-making body for the game of Rugby Union. Journalists at games and tournaments round the world use iBase to upload still and video footage of the action.

Worldwide online video and image library

World Rugby in Dublin use iBase for their internal media asset management system, enabling contributors and users around the world to upload and access material under the control of the World Rugby's marketing department.

The process starts when a network of photo- and video-journalists attend games and tournaments around the world. iBase provides them with a quick and easy way of uploading their footage into World Rugby's global repository.

Once uploaded, the footage remains in a moderation area until it has been sufficiently catalogued and signed-off. At this point it can be moved into the public area and added to the relevant collections for easy access.

Authorised users can then access the collections, using a variety of search features, and request licenced copies of the footage from World Rugby's marketing department.

Some of the features included as standard are:

  • Worldwide uploading and system management.
  • Download files by authorised users.
  • Search by tournament and country.
  • Digital file request feature.
  • Automatic search suggestions 'as you type'.

iBase also supports Active Directory authentication, which allows users to login using their existing credentials, and World Rugby system administrators to control who has access to what using their standard network administration tools.

Our digital asset management system allows us to easily upload videos and rapidly convert them to streaming formats for sharing over the web.

Ronan Donagher, Information Technology Officer, World Rugby
World Rugby using iBase Image and Video Online Library Software