Henry Moore Foundation

The Henry Moore Foundation was founded by the artist and his family in 1977 to encourage public appreciation of the visual arts. The Foundation use an internal iBase DAM system to manage their large collection of digitised images.

Internal digital asset management system

The Foundation supports innovative sculpture projects, devise an imaginative programme of exhibitions and research worldwide, and preserve the legacy of Moore himself: one of the great sculptors of the 20th century, who did so much to bring the art form to a wider audience.

System managers and editors upload digitised images, adding descriptive metadata as required to make it easy for users to search and find what they want.

Search options include subject search, keyword search, quick search and searching by collection.

Authorised users can access any items according to the permissions allocated by the system manager to their login credentials, search in a wide variety of ways, and download original items for themselves as required.

Some of the features included as standard are:

  • Upload using drag and drop.
  • Batch editing of all metadata fields.
  • Advanced field search.
  • Search history recall.
The Henry Moore Foundation