GALVmed use an iBase digital asset management system linked to assets stored on a NAS drive, and enable remote users to access the database via the internet.

Internal DAM - Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines

GALVmed makes livestock vaccines, medicines and diagnostics accessible and affordable to the millions in developing countries for whom livestock is a lifeline.

They specialise in product development partnerships uniquely established to translate global research progress into tangible livestock disease control tools for the developing world.

Initial requirements included using the iBase DAM system for storage of large numbers of digital media assets which staff could easily search, and locate and use exactly the item they needed. They may in future want to showcase a selection of the multi-media database for public/open access viewing/downloading.

Other features included as standard are -

  • Flexible security and permissions.
  • Bulk upload and batch edit.
  • Quick search.
  • Advanced field search and search history.
  • Automatic search suggestions 'as you type'.
  • Download required size files according to the user's permissions.

iBase also supports Active Directory authentication, which allows users to login using their existing network credentials.

GALVmed - internal digital asset management