Cocio (Arla)

Cocio employ a locally hosted iBase DAM system for management of their brand assets, enabling internal departments and external agencies to access material as needed.

Brand Asset Management

Cocio is a famous Danish brand of chocolate milk which is well known to consumers around the world, and which has a been a brand of Arla since 2008. Cocio use their iBase digital asset management system to keep tight control over their branding and marketing materials, both internally and when sharing wuth external agencies.

  • Hosted locally within Cocio's technical environment.
  • Stores all kinds of assets - PPT, DOC, JPEG, ZIP, etc.
  • Simple metadata structure allows for easy labelling and quick retrieval.
  • Organises assets according to product, material, campaign, region, etc.
  • Intuitive interface allows for creation and mangement of logical hierarchies.
  • Locks down access to assets according to user requirement.
  • Easy for existing IT staff to set up external access to the system.
  • Allows sharing of collections of assets with agencies to simplify workflow.