Addingham Photo Archive

iBase picture library system is used for an archive of pictures and other media, with items collected over many years by local photographers and historians Hilda Holmes, Kate Mason and Don Barrett.

Addingham Civic Society – Online Photo Archive

The Heritage Group of Addingham Civic Society set about cataloguing and publishing the c15000 digital photos that had been collected by a number of local residents over the years.

The Group looked at a number of software vendors and chose IBASE owing to its comprehensive cataloguing capabilities together with its ease of uploading, geo-coding and filing of digital images. The education provided by, and the support from, the iBase team has been superb. It does ‘what it says on the tin”.

To date c5000 images have been published on IBASE and these are available in a set of 19 collections. Visitors are encouraged to provide comments on individual artefacts.

The Heritage Group looks forward to adding many more images to the collections.