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Versatile DAM Software to Suit Your Business

  1. New to Digital Asset Management?

    Digital assets are any kind of file used with computers and on the internet, for example images, documents, videos, audio files, powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Digital assets could represent your commercial picture library, art collection, video repository, public interest archive, or anything else where content has been digitised.

  2. Why Choose iBase DAM Software?

    1. Flexible - iBase is used in multiple public & private sectors.
    2. Exceptional customer service - see what others say.
    3. Very competitive prices with a range of options.
    4. Longevity - iBase has been around since 1993.
    5. Strong mix of established technology and innovation.
  3. Image Management Software

    1. Public online library with e-commerce fully built-in.
    2. Upload, search & download with a PC, Mac, tablet or phone.
    3. Integrate social media for maximum exposure.
    4. Give users access to the content and prices that you want.
  4. Museums, Galleries, Heritage & Art

    1. With collections online, the world is your audience.
    2. Attract the largest possible audience for your collection.
    3. Images, videos, audio files and books can all be displayed.
    4. An online presence will bring more visitors to your gallery.
  1. Digital Asset Management Software

    Digital Asset Management software is used for storing and organising your digital assets in a centralised location so that they can be easily organised and secured, catalogued with technical and descriptive metadata, searched for, shared with other users and downloaded as required. It can also be incorporated into your existing workflow where appropriate.

  2. Cloud-based Digital Asset Management

    Rather than go to the time and expense of hosting your DAM system within your own I.T. environment, hold it within our ultra-reliable AWS-based environment in Amazon's London datacenter - all of the same features are available, with the advantage of blindingly fast data transfer, 99.9999% guaranteed uptime and comprehensive user support, all for a low monthly charge.

  3. Multimedia Library Software

    Not just photo manager software. iBase's multimedia capability means that it can also be used for video, audio document and any other file types, which can be catalogued and displayed for internal digital asset management and control, or as an online library for public access with e-commerce if required.

  4. Streaming Video Library Software

    1. Bring your clips to life with an iBase video library system.
    2. Any size files, including high definition videos.
    3. Automatic creation of streaming versions.
    4. Fully integrated multi-currency e-commerce system.
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iBase is also an Amazon Partner Seller, meaning you can buy iBase on Amazon's Web Services Marketplace - a new sales channel that makes it easy for customers to find, buy, deploy and manage software solutions in a matter of minutes.

Advantages of buying through AWS Marketplace

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  2. Pay for as little as a month at a time
  3. No additional payment information required
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World-beating Customer Service

“The customer support is unparalleled, even though we are separated by many time zones”

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Lisa Lamont, Digital Collections Librarian
San Diego State University

“Our digital asset management system allows us to easily upload videos and rapidly convert them to streaming formats for sharing over the web”

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Ronan Donagher, Technology Manager
World Rugby

“The iBase team is professional, expert and diligent and comes highly recommended”

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Caroline Cook, Director
Natural History New Zealand
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What is Digital Media / Asset Management Software?
Media Files

Digital asset or digital media management software is software which allows you to manage, organise, describe, secure and share your digital files (assets) in a controlled and centralised way. These files will generally be media files - video, image or sound - but could also include other files such as Word documents, spreadsheets or PDF files.

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Media File Lookup

Each file is held securely within the DAM software and is tagged with a variety of technical and descriptive metadata which makes it easy to find using various search methods. Metadata may be entered manually, imported from an external source such as a spreadsheet file, pulled automatically from the file headers or automatically generated based on machine analysis of the media itself.

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Image Manager Software

Files can also be organised hierarchically according to the access requirements, for example by department within an organisation, or by internal or public access in the case of a public-facing picture library. This means that only those users who are explicitly granted access can view, download or edit the files. Files can also be shared on an ad-hoc basis with external users as required.

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How Digital Media / Asset Management Software Can Help You
Image File

The great power of digital media management software is its ability to bring together previously scattered assets and make them easily accessible using a number of different searching and browsing methods. Anyone who has tried to find files that have been buried away in some obscure corner of the network, or on somebody's USB stick, will understand the frustration that comes with not being able to find assets when you need them most.

Media Document

This is where DAM software can lend a hand by bringing them all together and making them easily findable using the search terms which mean the most to the users that matter. Add in the ability to lock down access, securely share with selected partners, automatic creation of different versions of assets for different purposes, extensive auditing anda comprehensive reporting, and the case for using a digital media management system to organise your assets becomes ever more compelling.

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