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Digital asset management

With a digital asset management (DAM) system you can store digital assets - image, video, audio and any other file types - in a central location where they can be organised, searched, retrieved, shared and downloaded as required.

Find out how our digital asset management software will benefit your business.

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iBase Trinity Picture Library

Online picture and video library software

With custom style and branding your online library will look its best, exactly as you want it to look. Here are some great looking public facing sites to browse around.

Any type of file can be uploaded. A system manager can control exactly who can see and do what with Trinity's sophisticated permissions and security features.

E-commerce is standard and ready to go if required.

See how an iBase image and video library will enhance you and your customers' experience.

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Begin using your digital asset management system or picture / video library straightaway, we'll deliver it ready configured for your immediate requirements.

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We work with top names across a wide range of sectors, meeting all of their individual requirements.

We also have many small and medium sized clients in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

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iBase Thoughts & Opinions

Colour spaces and your digital asset management software

Colour spaces are an incredibly important part of daily life for those who work with images and the subsequent display or printing of those images using digital asset management software. Whilst we will spare going into precise detail of this well-trodden area of expertise, it is worth knowing there are two primary methods of creating…

Securing your Digital Assets once they hit the cloud

Our iBase sales team often finds that identical and very valid business requirements occur when talking with prospective clients. Frequently these queries revolve around the topics of intellectual property (IP) and securing the original digital files. Our digital asset management software is set up to ensure your life is made as easy as possible, meaning there’s no…

News and Events

Aberdeen City Libraries Increase Access to Collections

In 2015 Aberdeen City Libraries installed seven interactive touch-screens in libraries across the city to increase awareness and accessibility of the library service's resources, services and collections. The 42" Infrared Multi-Touch Screen Displays run off Windows based PCs by connecting a video signal (via VGA or HDMI) and USB for the touch functionality. The screens…

University of Westminster Image Library

The University of Westminster has launched its new image library using iBase Trinity digital asset management software. With already more than 8,000 images uploaded and available to logged-in users, the image library has become a valuable asset to administrative and academic staff. The University of Westminster has made good use of iBase Trinity’s hierarchical keyword…