Video Tutorials

Watch these videos to learn about some of iBase's core features.


Easily upload files by dragging them onto your browser. Support for any image, video, sound or document file included as standard. Multiple versions are automatically created and embedded data is imported for easy searching.

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Editing Metadata

Any number of metadata fields can be associated with your uploaded files, including text, number, dropdown, date or currency fields. Data can be edited on a per-file basis or in batches for bulk updates. In addition, hierarchical keywords can be associated with files for structured searching.

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All of your stored metadata is automatically indexed for quick and accurate searching. iBase supports fuzzy searching, auto-complete, advanced field search, geolocation searching, saved searches and more.

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Create and manage folders to organise assets, move items from one folder to another, set the permissions on folders to control who can access what. Share folders with others by email.

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A collection can contain folders, files and other collections. An item can be added to any number of collections, these are not copies of the item but shortcuts.

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Collaborate with colleagues on projects or share files with external users whilst keeping your collection secure. iBase also makes it easy to post files and metadata to popular social sites.

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Download any resolution or file type. Grant or deny access to original files and other versions, based on what you want people to download. Watermark, crop or rotate image files before downloading.

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Batch editing

Batch editing allows you to edit one or more fields values for multiple files simultaneously. Each field has options including overwrite, append and search & replace.

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Page editing - overview

An overview of the iBase page editing features, add and edit text, add images and videos, create a carousel of items in your iBase system, create links to external resources, display a gallery of your image highlights - and more.

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Page editing - HTML component

Using the HTML component to add images, videos and other media to a page, format text, insert a table and more.

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Page editing - component settings

Guidance on using the components settings in 'Page Editing' and how to rearrange components on the page.

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Adding new pages

Adding new pages as subsections, with guidance on editing the available settings.

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