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SearchingTrinity provides several powerful ways of searching, including a flexible quick search, Google style fuzzy searching, advanced field search, hierarchical keyword search and the ability to iteratively refine search results.

Quick search

Quick Search looks for the word or phrase in all the data associated with each record throughout the database.

Options include -

  • Wildcard
    The wildcard (*) can be used in place of unknown characters or to widen the search.

    Wildcard searching demo

  • Boolean Operators
    i.e. AND, OR and NOT to specify whether a result set must contain all terms, any terms, or not the specified term.

    Boolean searching demo

  • Phrase Searching
    A phrase can be found by placing quotes around it.

    Phrase searching demo

Google style searching with 'did you mean' (Fuzzy searching)

By default Quick Search searches for not only the exact word or phrase, but also for similar words. For example a search for hoose will find house (if house exists in the data). This is known as fuzzy searching.

If no matches are found suggestions will be offered of similar terms that do exist on the site.

Fuzzy searching demo

Fuzzy searching and suggestions are inhibited by placing quotes around the term, for example "house" will return items with exactly that word, but not houses. Searching for "hoose" or "hiuse" will not return any items and no suggestions will be offered.

Fuzzy searching and suggestions can be set by a system manager for whatever level of sensitivity that you want for your users.

Map search

Example map search

Capital Collections - map searching

By including geo-coordinates in your metadata, the location of an item can be displayed on Google Maps, and users can search on a map interface.

One of our clients - Edinburgh City Libraries - have used this feature very effectively as you can see by clicking the image to the right.

Advanced field search

Example field search

Field Searching

If you already know some details of the image you require then you can get a more direct result by using the Advanced Search and entering term(s) in one or more of the fields.

You can choose to combine terms with AND - in which case only items containing all of the search terms will be returned.

Or you can combine terms as OR - in which case items containing any of the terms will be returned.

Hierarchical subject / keyword search

Example subject hierarchy

Subject hierarchy

A hierarchy of subjects / keywords can be created in Trinity. This is a very powerful and visual way of displaying hierarchically organised data - for example subsets of headings, taxonomies etc...

You build the hierarchy yourself using any terms required, and any node in it can be assigned to one or many items.

Subjects - video demonstrations

What subjects are - creating and using them

Searching with subjects

Refine a search / search within a search / drill down

Refine search demo

A further search within in only the items returned in the previous search can be done using 'Refine Search' which uses the powerful features of the advanced field search to enable drilling down to find only the core items that you are looking for.

Search collections

Collections demo

Single click searching is available on a collection or group of images. These collections, which might be called exhibitions, highlights, best sellers etc... can be grouped together, and if required some can be displayed on the home page so that clicking one of the thumbs will return all of the images in the collection.

Search history

All searches are stored in a history for the duration of the user's session, and can be retrieved with a single click.