In this technology-driven world, even the slightest slip could mean you fall behind in your industry. Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps businesses stay at the top of their game, organising files, saving time and boosting your bottom line.

In recent years, DAM has undergone a number of changes, adapting to the needs of modern business. It’s worth keeping up with these innovations, so your business can make the most of what your DAM has to offer. Keep reading for more information about how we expect DAM to change in 2019…

Importance of tracking rights

Privacy and confidentiality is more important than ever before. And delivering assets to more channels can make managing usage rights even more complicated. DAM systems must be able to cope with multiple users, different user access and a high number of metadata tags to control the use of restricted or expired assets.

With GDPR legislation coming into force last year, the stakes are even higher for those companies who cannot control file access. DAM systems that don’t already have security measures in place will have to make the necessary changes to allow businesses to restrict user access and back up sensitive files in case of a breach.

Rise in omni-channel experiences

If you're in the world of ecommerce or marketing, there's no doubt you've heard the term ‘omni-channel’ floating around. An omni-channel experience is one in which all aspects of a brand's presence, from their website and social media pages to the in-store experience, are working together in unison to promote the same message.

DAM is important when it comes to creating an omni-channel experience as it allows all employees within a company access to the same material. You can create brand guides and share them with ease across the business to avoid appearing disjointed. For large companies, whole teams or offices may be joining together to create an omni-channel experience, meaning your DAM must be able to cope with a high number of users.

Personalised customer experiences

As well as marketers driving towards an omni-channel experience, the focus this year is on delivering a personalised customer experience. But where does DAM fall into this?

Well, in order to facilitate true personalisation, companies will need to manage larger, more compound assets. They'll need a DAM platform that can handle sophisticated relationships between assets and metadata, and maintain a clear organisation system no matter the size or number of files.

Give DAM a go with iBase

At iBase, we recognise how important it is for your DAM system to stay flexible and keep up with the latest trends. We have everything you need to organise, manage and access your files quickly and easily.

Our cloud-based DAM systems are hosted within Amazon's AWS environment, guaranteeing the highest levels of protection and security. Any questions? Our friendly team of DAM experts are on hand to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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