Frequently asked questions section 38

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Key requirements - Cross platform; Online digital image asset management; Photo library

Does it work on a virtual server?

Yes, a virtual server is fine.

Does it work cross platform - with library manager on Mac and general users on PC?

Yes, iBase is a browser based system and is fine for browsers on PCs or Macs.

Can the images be stored on a separate server to the one which the users have access to?

Yes, the images can be stored wherever required, so long as iBase can 'see' them in a network sense.

Is it possible to limit the rights of internal users e.g. no right to download without requesting images from an admin and what size images they can a) access and b) download?

Yes, iBase has very comprehensive permissions features, enabling user roles to be set up giving access to whatever records and features - such as upload, edit, download etc… are required.

Can images be given expiry dates / linked to model photo consent forms with expiry dates?

Yes, although not standard, a mechanism for alerting of expiry dates could be added. As standard the photo model consent form (say a PDF, Word doc etc… can also be associated with the image if required.