Frequently asked questions section 3

About Us

Key requirements - Centralised image and video asset management; Locally hosted; Internal network; Organize and tag; Digital content management; Media asset management software

We want a centralized place for employees to access our company photos and videos. The system needs to be user friendly, and allow us the ability to easily organize and tag the media we upload to the server. We would need to host on our own servers, since we are an international company and our operations tend to be in fairly remote places, and we don't have the luxury of being in areas with good local bandwidth, thus we rely on our own internal network.

iBase is a good fit for all of these requirements, and can hosted locally in your own environment.

It does not need to be packed with features, just a simple way for employees to search or browse the library, and distinguish between video and photo.

Yes, iBase can be configured for the simplest possible use by employees.

Perhaps down the road, we would like the ability to allow more of a social approach, such as allowing our employees to upload their own videos/photos, but that is not entirely necessary to start. Same goes for commenting; if it is available out of the box, great, but it is not a requirement.

All of these features are available as standard.

Finally, we would like to be able to brand the interface a little, so hopefully we can do that, and it is straight forward.

Yes, style and branding can be done by you, or we can do it for you.