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Key requirements - Multi-media online library; online ordering with ecommerce; Photo library software; Image library; Internal and external use; Flexible user permissions

Can you please help with a few questions?

Our images are presently stored in a Windows folder hierarchy on a dedicated (NAS) drive - do the images have to be 'imported' i.e. moved or will ibase simply hold an index/pointer to the original location for the image?

They will need to be imported because iBase creates it's own folder structure for the images.

Are the additional metadata fields held with the image file or stored separately?

There are separate Metadata fields. Any fields embedded with the image can be automatically mapped (copied) to specified metadata fields for searching and display as / if required.

Can certain images be marked as 'never for publication' so viewable as a thumbnail but available only to administrators to download? Can you clarify how images can be marked in order that they may be downloaded just by particular users?

Yes, iBase has a very flexible permissions and security model and any features - such as download - can be switched on or off for each type of user role.