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About Us

Key requirements - Digital asset management; DAM; Image management system; Picture library software; Media asset management software

Currently all our images reside in a windows file server with folder used for organizations. The search functionality is limited and management is cumbersome. This is where the DAM would be useful for us.

Brief as follows:

  • Web based.
  • Admin back end.
  • Viewable front end.
  • Secure.
  • Need it to be hosted for three years. (Although 3rd party hosting option may be considered, dependent on price quoted)
  • Need to be able to catalog images at upload using a very comprehensive and configurable metadata form.
  • Also when adding images we need to have an auto ID generated and associated with, so that all subsequent imports would follow on from the previous ID.
  • Searchable based on metadata.
  • Advanced user admin control.
  • Easy integration into designed/developed web site.
  • 3 monthly stats.
  • Need monthly reports based on User, group,private, public and maybe some other attributes.
  • On the front end would need to have a form attached to each image so the image could be reported on by the user.
  • Onsite training/ongoing support.
  • Secure access, with ability to have different levels of access if possible e.g. one department only, all images, current images only, viewing access only (i.e. not able to download)
  • Flexible and easy to use system - it needs to be easy to navigate and search as it may be used by people on one off occasions searching for images
  • Simple upload and download process - and ability for bulk image uploads
  • Customisable search facility
  • Ability to store and link media release forms and/or other documents to images
  • Capacity for library to grow over time
  • Multiple licences
  • Easy to transfer data/images if the system is upgraded in the future
  • Ability to download different sized images - so we can reduce the size of our proposals/ ppts / documents (some of them are over 10MB and this could reduce these substantially)
  • Ability to mass upload assets all with the same metadata - time saving, it needs to upload/run in the back ground so not to stop people in their day job
  • Has to be simple - nothing too complicated/ too slow
  • Must accept all the common image file formats, plus CAD files would be an advantage

The iBase digital asset management system supports all of these features and requirements as standard.