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Key requirements - Image library; Photo library software; Brand asset management; Digital image management system; Picture library software

I am looking to set up a simple image library for our company images.We have a collection of images but they need to be stored more efficiently.

  • We need the library to be accessible via our website so that customers can view the images and purchase them if they wish.
  • Must be able to upload images to the library as batches (not one by one)
  • Thumbnails, previews and low res versions must be automatically generated
  • It must be possible to label each photograph with a photographer, place, date and copyright usage (and to search by photographer and place)
  • Keywords should be pre existing, not typed in each time by uploader, but added via checkbox
  • It must be possible to categorise images and to tag them to more than one category
  • It must be possible for users to search by category, by location and by keyword
  • Keywords should be pre existing for users so they do not have to use their imagination
  • Users should be able to view a preview picture without clicking through to another page (ie should automatically pop up when hovering on the thumbnail)
  • Users should be able to download batch of photos in one go (not one by one)
  • Users should be able to feedback on images they would like to see in the library and/or more useful keywords/tagging for an image
  • Would like image library to have a search history so that as the administrator I can see: most viewed; recently viewed; popular keywords; recent keywords; new keywords people have typed in - this way we can continually improve and review the service the image library provides.
  • Users will need to log in to use the brand portal/image library
  • Ability for photographer to upload complete set of images to own albums
  • Administrator will need to be able to set up users and to give them a time limit on their usership
  • Administrator will need to be able to download list of users and see their user history

The iBase digital asset management (DAM) and image library system fulfills all of these requirements.