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About Us

Key requirements - Online local newspaper archive; Online photo archive

We have two particular 'collections' which we are hoping to make more widely available.

The first is an index to local newspapers. This is currently on cards in several cabinets. The actual information on the cards has a pretty simple structure - no headings, just one or more lines of text, a source (name of newspaper, date, and often a page no, and a column number. And that is it. the number of cards is difficult to estimate, but it is likely that it is something between 500,000 and 1,000,000.

What we would like is to convert this to electronic form, and make it available online to members of the public wherever they may be.

We have made a start on converting the records to electronic form, and currently about 75,000 records have been created.

We have a collection of local photographs (about 35,000) , and a fairly detailed index to those photographs. We have made a start on digitising the photos, and also converting the index to electronic form.

We are looking at setting up a project to convert the newspaper index completely to electronic form, and similarly to convert the photo index. It would be sensible to have the option of as and when we digitise the photos to add them so that relevant index entries link to a given photo.

The proposed project can be fully supported by our online digital image and text system.