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Key requirements - Image library system; Image management software; Photo library

looking for a image library solution that will allow us to upload our image library in it's current state:

  • About 5000 images using around 150Gb
  • Some images are named but many images are un-named and are identified by the folder in which they are currently stored
  • There are a number of folders within folders.

Our aim is to make all images available to other parties with our consent, and for them to be accessed in the way we access them on our HDs ie. by the name of the folder that they are contained by. The reason for this is that to start trying to identify and name each image now would take forever.

We would then make sure that any new images uploaded to the library would then be named - to allow image searches to work on all new images uploaded to the library. The storage space would there fore need to grow as the library increased - if this is possible, as eventually the library could easily double in size over the next couple of years.

The iBase image library system is ideal for these requirements.