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Key requirements - Digital content management, Marketing asset library, Picture library management; Photo library software; Video media library; PDF library

Investigating a new image library for our 8000+ images. (If video clips and PDFs could be included that would be an added bonus).

This would primarily be for internal use, but it would definitely be an advantage if photographers could upload their images to the library themselves, and if our advertising agency could also access it to download images for adverts.

The ability to create folders and sub folders would be essential, as would the keyword and metadata and advanced search facilities that are mentioned on your website. I am particularly attracted to your product due to the fact that it is possible to customize the meta data fields.

Our IT department has not yet decided whether they would prefer a web based library that is hosted externally or one which we host ourselves on our server. There for could you give me the various price options for both.

We have a requirements for a server based, networked solution for image management.

  • The image collection currently stands at over 100,000 images and is growing.
  • We currently have over 100 people registered on our image database. We envisage needing at least 20 concurrent users licences for data entry and more for image retrieval.

The Library requires an image management system which will have the capacity to:

  • Store images and record their location within a consistent file structure;
  • Attach metadata to images;
  • Provide an interface through which images and their metadata can be viewed;
  • Enable users to identify if images of an item with a particular reference exist;
  • Enable users to identify if images of items relating to particular themes exist;

Further features might include the capacity to:

  • Generate a public interface, where selected items will be viewable online;
  • Enable the implementation of standards for the capture of images;
  • Include image viewing tools, including thumbnails, preview and delivery views, and zoom;
  • Include auditing and report tools, providing reports on the use of the collection.

An iBase Media asset management system will fulfil all of these requirements.