Many businesses use Google Drive for a variety of collaborative reasons. It appears to be a great place to store files and is ideal for setting up work projects with others. But is it really the best option for digital assets?

Overall, Google Drive does fair well for document storage. However, it lacks numerous key features that can make digital asset management more challenging than it needs to be.

So, what’s the best solution for digital asset management? Below, we discuss both Google Drive and DAM software options.

What is Google Drive?

You’ll probably know the main features of Google Drive, primarily if your workplace already uses Google Workspace. This cloud storage system allows users to upload and organise documents and files and share them with other team members and collaborators.

You don’t have to use Google’s files either, such as Docs or Sheets, you can upload files from other sources, such as Microsoft Word or Excel and Dropbox.

There are a variety of other things you can utilise on Google Drive, such as:

  • Saving files to a central location
  • Syncing documents and files on whatever device you use Google Drive on
  • Controlling file access

However, while Google Drive is beneficial in some ways, it falls flat when organising digital assets well.

What is digital asset management?

Digital asset management (DAM) is a form of software that helps you to store, organise and share visual assets such as images, videos, infographics etc. While you might think you can do this on Google Drive, DAM software works differently and more effectively to help you create a central and searchable hub.

This tool is designed to make your life easier when it comes to organising digital assets. In this tool, tags can be created and added to enhance search accuracy, plus, you can search the content of the image alongside its filename or categories. You can also:

  • Collaborate with other users
  • Organise content effectively
  • Ensure up-to-date assets are available to avoid duplication or outdated placement

Benefits of DAM software over Google Drive

While Google Drive has its uses, there are many benefits of using DAM software instead, such as:

Ease of use – There’s no need to search through folders and files for the right asset, searchable content and tags make finding what you need simple and quick.

Automatic updates when new files are added – Instead of using outdated assets or trying to find the most recent version, DAM ensures the latest versions are the only accessible variants to avoid confusion.

Easy integration – DAM software is easily integrated into other internal programs so everyone has access when needed.

DAM software vs Google Drive – which is better?

Each resource has its merits, but you need something intuitive and cost-effective for visual assets to make workflows more productive and accessible. DAM software provides all this and more, and it’s simple to integrate into your current systems.

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