iBase builds on the experience that we've accumulated over many years of working with asset upload via a browser interface.

Duplicate file detection

There are several methods for detecting duplicate images which can be used to improve the ingest of new digital assets into centralised media storage systems.

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Watermarking as required

Looking for an extra security layer for your assets? iBase allows users to add watermarks to selected content, preventing unauthorized distribution of your media files.

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Upload form with drag and drop

The upload form offers intuitive and convenient upload of batches of assets, along with any common data that you may wish to enter. Assets can be uploaded as new items or as an update to existing items. Bulk upload via drag and drop - adding files to your asset bank (individually or in bulk) is now easy. Say goodbye to tedious processes and say hello to an intelligent solution that allows you to upload hundreds of files at once.

  • Drag and drop items on to the upload page.
  • Use a file dialog to select items individually or in batches.
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Hot folder

Specified folders are scanned at whatever interval you want and new files imported automatically. Image metadata can be automatically mapped to their corresponding database fields at this point.

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Displayable / playable file types

Supported file formats - iBase supports all common media file formats — including images, videos, and documents — and automatically generates a thumbnail preview during upload.

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Receive media files

External parties — such as photographers and design agencies who do not have access to your portal — can still upload media via the drag and drop feature on your login page. The recipient can either simply reject or accept the assets.

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Approve and audit uploads

The waiting room feature is like the doorman to your asset bank — ensuring that the approved files are added, and the unwanted are turned away.

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