Share and Distribute

Sharing files can be very inconvenient if you have many or large files. iBase solves this by being flexible, fast and easy to use

Security and access control

Do you know what corporate emails, insecure cloud services, and removable hard drives have in common? They all make it very easy for sensitive information to be leaked, or even misplaced. iBase removes this threat, and allows users to revoke access to collections even after they have been sent out, or limit their availability over a selected timeframe.

Social networking

For whatever you want to use them for, iBase comes configured for integration with -

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

... and new networks will be added as they become popular.

Establish new business relationships

Organsing and displaying digital files using your brand asset management system is only the beginning. To maximise your ROI the next step is to securely and simply share your digital files across the web to establish new business relationships.

Typically you may be a busy brand management agency or department store looking to share and distribute the latest images to marketing agencies or bloggers.

Share pictures, videos and sound files.

Any type of digital file can be simply shared across the web, at a resolution of your choice. After all, it's unecessary to send across the highest quality original file when wishing to protect them and better to show a watermarked preview instead. Video and image watermarking in our digital asset management is highly configurable and comes included as standard.

Instant engagement with your customers and contacts

Being a customer-focused business of course means that customers wish to be updated on the latest offering whenever it becomes available. With our sharing modules included as standard it's possible to create lists of customers who need to be updated as soon as the latest products are available. For example if a new summer clothing line collection becomes available then in just a few clicks all of your subscribers will be notified.

Directly embed media

Embedding media directly can save you a great deal of time when it comes to publishing content. iBase will automatically provide you with a file embed code that you simply copy and paste into your CMS. Quick and easy.