Paul Mellon Centre

The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art has used iBase digital asset management software to manage the data and images for their first online publication – the Richard Wilson Online catalogue which has been designed to provide an up-to-date and freely accessible record of the works of Richard Wilson.

Heritage and art picture library

The versatility and flexibility of the iBase metadata schema has enabled linking between objects to show their real relationships.

For example -

  1. Work of Art Linking - The challenge of Wilson scholarship, aptly described as a connoisseur’s minefield by the late Sir Ellis Waterhouse, has been addressed by the linking of related works to each other.
  2. Exhibition Linking - Exhibitions dedicated to or containing works by Wilson have been surveyed and recorded.
  3. Biography/Document Linking - Further links unite each work with the biographies of figures with whom they are closely connected - patrons, such as Lord Dartmouth, sitters for portraits, such as Admiral Thomas Smith and owners of paintings and drawings, such as Benjamin Booth.
  4. Additional Image Linking - The additional image linking feature of the project enables switching between full and detail images.
  5. Conservation/Condition Information - A major feature of Richard Wilson Online is the painstaking attention paid to the artist’s materials and techniques.

The iBase development and support team have done an amazing job of producing a customized asset management/publishing system that is flexible and powerful enough to deal with the complexity of an online catalogue raisonne.

They have consistently met tight deadlines and responded quickly and effectively.

They are a pleasure to work with and their customer support has been fabulous.

Maisoon Rehani, Picture Researcher, The Paul Mellon Centre
Richard Wilson Online