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Key requirements - Image Asset Management; DAM Software; Image Archive Software; Image Management System

  • A system that would integrate well with a Windows Server infrastructure.
  • Ability to integrate with Active Directory and assign DAM permissions based on users' AD group membership. For example, if a user is removed from one of the groups in AD (but not necessarily completely removed from AD), it would be preferable that the permissions be updated on the DAM side automatically without a need to remove that user manually from corresponding user group in the DAM.
  • Support for taxonomy and hierarchical classification based on metadata
  • Extensive support for custom branding and design of the user web front-end.
  • Ability to upload/catalogue a large number of files in one batch, applying a pre-defined set of metadata to each file in the batch automatically.
  • A system that could automatically produce several downsized versions of an uploaded image file, still preserving the original larger image.
  • Ability to search for assets based on the users who uploaded them and creation date.

The iBase DAM system fulfils all of these requirements.