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Key requirements - Scalable digital asset management; Batch upload; Video library and metadata; Advanced search

Here are a few criteria that we have in mind…

  • Web-based
  • Customizable catalog based on taxonomies and collections.
  • Auto import EXIF, IPTC, XMP etc ...
  • Customizable workspace allow users to share resources and catalogs
  • Scalale by adding additional servers
  • Support Oracle Database
  • Support SSL
  • Customizable Permission by users, group ,privilege (download allow, or small scale)
  • Customizable Simple Search, Advanced Search, hidden filter search
  • Custom meta data
  • Batch Upload with Auto meta data settings
  • Tracking the resource visits
  • Support Video, pictures, pdf
  • Archiving process
  • In-Basket

No problem, the iBase web based digital brand management system supports all of these requirements.