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Key requirements - Multi-media online library; online ordering with ecommerce; Photo library software; Image library; Internal and external use; Flexible user permissions

I have a series of images that needs to go online. The website will be used by institutions and individual users. Can the software provide and limit access to paid institutional and individual subscribers?

Yes - extensive control is available for the access rights and permissions of iBase users, including:

  • Login and password managed access to the site.
  • Set expiry dates for logins.
  • Limit access to part of the database for specified users.
  • Make some assets available to internal users only.
  • Manage user permissions for view only, download etc... as required.
  • Publish all or selected assets only to the web.
  • Create personal lightboxes or share them with other users.

A university is an institution. If a university subscribes to the website, I will need to provide access to all the students and faculty at that university.

That is no problem at all, and if required different groups of users can be given specific permissions for what you want them to be able to do, or indeed not do!

I will like to achieve this without requiring that each student and faculty create an account. Given that some university are large, I would like to explore an alternative way to provide access such as IP authentication. Is this possible with the software?.

Yes - IP authentication is available.