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Key requirements - Digital asset management system; Manage images, video and audio file types; Manage digital assets; Media asset management software

The main requirements from the DAMS we require are:

  • System must be compatible with both MAC and PC. Should be able to browse using Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • Ability to support all digital media file types, all variants of Image, audio and video files.
  • Be scalable due to the increase storage without impacting on performance.
  • Guarantee a certain level of performance, e.g. in relation to the speed with which files can be uploaded/downloaded.
  • System should be accessible 24/7/365, availability no less then 99%
  • Active Directory integration: All users have a user account within the Active Directory.
  • The system should have a simple user import facility.
  • System should be backed up regularly to a schedule.
  • The system must have a comprehensive audit trail e.g. the ability to track and record downloads. This should also allow administrative users to trace the download histories of specific assets or users, including the facility to run export reports.
  • Recognise when the consent on a particular asset has expired, and automatically block further use of this. It should also notify the system administrator group that the asset's consent has expired.
  • The ability to tag asset with specific key words. This should include information describing the asset and relating to consent and previous use.
  • Facility to import assets and data using a batch process e.g. bulk uploads
  • System should also have facility to export assets and data directly to optical storage media e.g. DVD
  • System must allow designated administrators to restrict access to and the functionality of specific users.
  • The capability to view assets in thumbnail previews.
  • Automatically determine who should authorise the release of the asset, based upon the user placing the request.
  • The ability to preview only low resolution samples, but download high resolution versions for use.
  • The system should be capable of watermarking preview samples so if these are copied it will be evident.
  • The provision of shared areas or workspaces to aid collaborative team working controlled by rights.
  • To earn revenue from selected digital assets.
  • We require 3 groups created for administration as below;
  • System Administrators

    • Will have full rights over the entire system and key functionality should include;
    • Manage user accounts (add, edit,delete)
    • Ability to upload, download and delete assets.
    • Add, edit and delete metadata as necessary
    • Access audit information and run usage reports
    • Add, edit and delete workspaces
    • Can perform certain administrative functions such as;
    • Ability to upload and download assets
    • Ability to approve workflow requests to release assets
    • Add metadata as necessary
    • Access audit information and run usage reports
    • Access all areas

    Image viewers

    • Will only have viewing rights. Will need to be able to view watermarked low resolution samples.
    • In order to access full version of the asset for use they will have to engage with an asset request workflow process. Workflow will automatically determine which Image Master can authorise the release of the asset.

    The aim of the system is for use internally throughout all departments, to reduce:

    • time searching for images;
    • cost for obtaining an image which someone in another department already has;
    • photographer fees;
    • risk of breaching third party copyright;
    • risk of using images without consent of the individual in the picture.

All of these features and requirements are available as standard.