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Key requirements - Web based image library, Internal and external use; Watermarking; Technical support; Photo library software

A number of our current clients have asked about setting up image libraries and the like, where internal users/members of staff can logon and view/download photos for different purposes.

The criteria we have outlined at the moment are:

  • A web based image library, housed on our servers, branded and secure password protected with archive and search facilities.
  • We need a system that can be viewed, but permissions needed before download. Preview images would need to watermarked.
  • The system would be for internal use initially, but we will want to use it commercially at some stage.
  • Images will be captioned, key-worded and uploaded by us.
  • We would need assurance of technical support, and a disaster recovery process would need to be in place.

All of these requirements are fully supported. iBase is designed for the dual requirements of internal media asset management and a public facing online image / video / audio library. It has very flexible permissions and security model, and each individual user group - or even a single user - can have whatever permissions are required set by the system manager. iBase Media Services' technical support is second to none, and all programs and data can be quickly restored if lost through some disaster.