University of Westminster

Using iBase's very flexible security model, the university have been able to create exactly the access permissions for their image library they need for a wide range of departments and roles, with automatic logging in for users on the internal network.

Image Library with role based access

The University of Westminster didn’t have a sufficiently robust way of storing and cataloguing images used in Print and Web by staff, and were in need of a service suitable to be used as an Image Bank which would provide cataloguing, tagging and searching of images as well as different levels of access.

Following thorough reviews of requirements between the University and iBase Media Services, a detailed specification was agreed and a digital asset management system was delivered including the following features.

  • Hierarchical subject tagging.
  • Logging in using local domain authorisation.
  • Sharing of assets between departments.
  • A full range of searchable metadata, including filename, title, description, owner, date of upload, uploaded by etc…
  • Downloading images at a size determined by the users’ permissions.
  • Capturing technical EXIF data automatically.

With already more than 8,000 images uploaded and available to logged-in users, the image library has become a valuable asset to administrative and academic staff.

Nick Laws, Head of Digital Communications and Publishing
University of Westminster Image Library using iBase Trinity