Internal digital asset management

In 1998 Tate engaged iBase to work with them on a major project to digitise the Tate collection, and they have been working together since supplying digital asset management systems and custom software for the photography department’s specialised workflow requirements.

Tate Gallery use a number of integrated iBase systems to store, manage and distribute internally their very large collection of digitised works of art.

Indexing – using iBase software is the second production stage, since it is carried out from on-screen images to avoid unnecessary handling of the originals.

Once indexed the work is assigned one of three sign-off statuses that reflect the level of indexing in terms of available interpretative information. A group of representatives including Curators, Education and Picture Library staff regularly receives samples of indexed works to check and approve, ensuring the integrity and consistency of approach. Once comprehensively indexed, the future potential of the index is enormous in terms of providing thematic hooks into the Tate collection.

The iBase Image Management System automatically gathers the metadata on record status, recording all who/what/when details at each production stage, as well as assisting with photographic records and copyright management. The system also provides a number of management information reporting tools to track and analyse workflow progress.

Tate Britain Digital Asset Management