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Key FeaturesDigital Asset Management | Picture library System | Video library system

Multimedia Library & DAM Systems

Trinity DAM in a nutshell
  • From £3,750 and no more to pay.
  • Optional iBase hosting - 100GB of storage free of charge for the first year.
  • Enterprise functionality as standard.
  • Upload, edit, search for and share your files.
  • All file types - images, video, audio, documents.
  • Office, home or on the move with phones and tablets.
  • Host locally or with iBase.

Enterprise features as standard

Where others often charge extra, iBase Trinity comes with most enterprise features as standard at no additional cost.

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Change anything you see

Your Digital Asset Management software is preconfigured and off the shelf, ready for you to begin using immediately. Changes to the configuration and appearance can be easily made at any time as you require.

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Capacity & Scalability

iBase systems are fully scalable, there is no inherent limit to the number of records that can be created for a picture library or digital media asset management system.

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Access Control and Security

  • Access control by login and password.
  • Control users' ability to view, edit, download etc - whatever you want them to do.
  • Make some assets available only to internal users if you wish.
  • A comprehensive audit trail tracks all activity.

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Enterprise Configuration and Customisation

Any aspect of your Trinity system can be configured or customised to your special requirements.

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Digital assets of any type can be uploaded. Displayable / playable versions are automatically created for the most commonly used image, video and audio file types, and for a number of text document types.

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Social Networking

For whatever you want to use them for, Trinity comes configured ready for integration.

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Upload options include the upload form with use of a browsing window; drag and drop; and hot folder working

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Embedded Metadata

Embedded EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata in image files can be automatically mapped to any required data field in Trinity during upload.

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Trinity provides a number of powerful ways of searching your collection, including a flexible Google style quick search, powerful advanced search, hierarchical keyword search and the ability to iteratively refine your search results.

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Trinity enables those users with the appropriate permissions to edit metadata from anywhere using the simple and intuitive browser interface.

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Audit Trail

Trinity is configurable to keep as much or as little audit information as required.

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