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Key requirements - DAM Systems; Press Image Library; Sharing Digital Media; Brand Management Software

At the moment the images are on our server and have been added to over the years so it's very untidy. They are also not named well and mostly don't have any metadata or keywords. We think there are around 2,000 images.

The point of the exercise is really so both we and the client know what they have and we create a searchable database so it's easy to find the right image. They also get requests for images from the press so they'd need to be able to search for those.

As they are not allowed by copyright to sell the images there's no requirement for a traditional online photo library, but it might make sense to host the images offsite so we and they can access them.

Also, it may be useful to give other people access to download the original hires files but only with a password - is this possible?

I am trying to establish whether any of your digital asset management solutions allows the 'easy' handling of hardcopy material such as books as well as of digital assets. Many - indeed, most - digital asset management software packages seem to assume that what you are cataloguing is always a digital asset. Typically, they force you to begin the cataloguing process but uploading the digital asset. I am looking for something that is not only a good digital asset management system but is also flexible enough to allow a catalogue record to be created (for a physical object that has not and will not be digitised) 'without' forcing a link to a digital asset. Do you have any products that allow this?

We have a small staff ranging between 4-7 collaborators working on various operating systems during production. We are seeking a robust, easily searchable digital archive (IPTC meta-data) with remote access capability that can manage images, videos, audio files, word files, and layout files. We need the ability to manage permissions for staff, freelancers, and one time upload users.

iBase digital asset management software fulfils all of these requirements.