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Key requirements - Digital asset management; Image management; Video management; Organise multi-media digital assets; Browser based

A digital asset management as a solution to use as a library to their images and large videos. Currently, all images and videos are saved on file shares and scattered all over the network, the plan is to consolidate all these images and videos in one repository and use it across the company.

  • Can iBase iBase save large videos?
  • Is it web based?
  • Can system access and permission be integrated with Active directory?
  • How are images saved on iBase? Is it a SQL Server, Oracle etc?
  • Is there an online demo, a user/admin guide I can check please?
  • Can the metadata be configured? And can it be categorised? If the metadata can be configured, does it have to be done by one of your programmers?

This is the metadata they are planning to have:

Electronically available from the file :

  • format (one of "JPEG", "PNG", "GIF" or "BMP")
  • version (currently only used for GIF, i.e. "89a")
  • width (width of image in pixels)
  • height (height of image in pixels)
  • bpp (bits per pixel, i.e. 8, 16, 24, etc)
  • alpha (true if alpha channel is present, only for PNGs)
  • mime Type (the mime type sent by the server)
  • byteSize (the image size in bytes as reported by the server)
  • exif (an object containing EXIF tag data, if present. Only for JPEGs)
Date taken
Mandatory. Should already be in the EXIF for JPG files. To provide context and aid catalogue searching.
Photo permission
Mandatory. Key information for images with recognisable people. A release form is required before these images can be used/sold for wider consumption. Values should be one of : "Not required", "Permission required", "Permission Granted", "Permission Refused".
File size
Mandatory, could indicate a pixel resolution or printed size at 300dpi
Quality star rating
Mandatory, default value zero stars. Images are likely to be a mixture of qualities, some excellent for large poster design, others for web use only. This star rating runs from zero stars to five star to provide an indication of image quality.
Mandatory. Self explanatory
Optional. Self explanatory
Optional. Any additional background, purpose and context for the image, why it was taken and what it is. This could be combined with Description (see above)
Comprises two optional fields, name and date. For some older images validation by an individual may be required to ensure the image context is indeed correct. Especially important for images we might like to sell.
Designated for sale
Mandatory flag Yes/No, default "No". Images of value we may like to sell must not be allowed to escape into the wild or given away. Users must be aware of the difference between a general image collection with relaxed usage rights and specific examples that are being exploited for commercial value.
Optional to indicate the image has been watermarked and therefore can be freely distributed and used on the web.
X archive image
Mandatory flag, yes/No, default "No". How any asset interacts with the X image archive needs to be further considered. A further key/reference such as submission id may be required to link the two image repositories.
Colour Space
Optional to indicate model used e.g. RGB, CMYK.
Optional - a range of keywords to assist searching. We may need a specific picklist to enforce usage of correct keywords and this could get more complex.
Optional by-line or credit for the photographer/source.
  • The customer would like to have one person to publish new photos, so a user should be able to load a new photo but won't get published until authorised by whoever has permission to do so. Is there a facility within the package to allow loading of images and videos be control and managed? And how much would it cost?
  • Can the look and feel be changed to match the client's branding? Can it be done by any programmer or does it have to be one of your programmers? What is the daily rate of your programmers please?
  • Is there an import/export of images functionality?
  • Does it support keyword search and search filters?
  • Is iBase extensible, maintainable and extensible?

Yes, the iBase Digital Asset Management system supports almost all of these requirements as standard, and a small amount of customisation for some will address all of them.