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Key requirements - Online image library; brand asset management online; Tagging; Bulk upload

Are these requirements covered by your platform?

  • A login interface: the user has to apply to my client for a username to even view the library. They would set up and provide the UN themselves and provide it to the user.
  • All the images must be watermarked when viewing comps. (I could do this via batch-processing in P.Shop if you don't offer it as standard). The user then puts their requested images into a 'shopping cart' or equivalent, and once they have ticked a box saying they agree to our T and Cs they can download them straight away. This is probably the most important feature since we need it to be self-administering as far as possible. There is no cost attached to the downloads.
  • We need some sort of bulk-upload feature, and search facility. Tagging would be useful.
  • We need to be able to present the images in category galleries. Ultimately, I'd ask that it was possible for the same image to be assigned to more than one gallery, but appreciate this may not be possible.
  • It would need to support some sort of clear branding possibilities.

Yes, the iBase online library system supports all of these features.