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Key requirements - Browser based; Central control; Image Library system; Digital Asset Management Software

We are upgrading our Intranet and looking for a local Image Library system that can be intelligently browsed, with central control over download permissions following user request for an image download. Lots of keywords, title, photo size and other attributes, size in kb, photographer acknowledgment, permission history, watermarks etc.

We are looking for a customizable on line digital asset management application. The main use of the program will be to have our customers access drawings, images and finale artwork via the web. Said application will be on our internal network.

  • Mac and Windows Clients
  • Rich Web Client Options
  • Adobe Flash, Java, Microsoft Silverlight
  • Live Filtering Of Search Results
  • Asset and System Usage Evaluation
  • Usage Statistics Reporting
  • Categories For Organizations
  • User Defined Categories
  • File Relations Tracking
  • Asset Cross Tracking - Like Embedded Images Or link
  • File Rating and Labeling
  • Star Based Field
  • Built-In User Commenting
  • Print to PDF, Even Without Acrobat
  • Contact Sheet Thumbnail Printing
  • Print Template As A Contact Sheet
  • Open Files In Editing Applications
  • Integrated Image Processing (crop, blur, etc.)
  • Enhanced Support for MS Office, Open Office and iWork
  • Enhanced Support For RAW Files
  • Enhanced Support For RTF and HTML Files
  • Status Management Tracking
  • IPTC/EXIF/XMP Support
  • Write-Back Metadata To Files
  • Open/Search Multiple Catalogues In One Window
  • Create, Save and Share Collections (Light Box)
  • On Line Help
  • Multi-Threaded Cataloging and Metadata Assignment
  • Search Queries: Save and Share
  • Find Off Line Files
  • Palette Mode Window
  • Slide Shows and Web Albums
  • Drop and Drag Category Assignments
  • Drag and Drop Files Into Other Apps
  • On-The-Fly Format Conversion
  • ColorSync, ICM, and Little CMS Support
  • Multi-Page Previews
  • Email Original Or Low-Res Assets
  • Built-In Image Watermarking and Noise Addition
  • Processing Actions: Save and Share
  • File Repurposing
  • PDF Job Ticket Support
  • OPI and DCS File Support
  • Auto-Cataloging Via "Drop Folder," Scheduler, Or Helios Companion
  • Catalog Assets Via Email
  • Metadate Templates to "Rubber Stamp" Metadata
  • Version Control and Check-In / Out
  • Live Filtering (Dynamic, Rules-Based Permissions)
  • Publish / Access Files Over The Web

Most of these requirements are supported by the iBase Digital Asset Management system out of the box, or can be supplied to your specification.