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Key requirements - Internal browser based image library; Digital rights management; Picture library management

The business case for the group image library has been made; it is seen as an open resource for group wide use offering (mostly) free to use images for internal business use, therefore:

  • saving staff time in tracking down material,
  • getting more use out of the content,
  • making savings because there will be less repeated commissioning
  • educating users on issues around rights management
  • improving the quality of imagery

The image library will be available on the intranet to all staff across the group. It will hold 10,000 images on launch but we anticipate it will grow quickly and steadily. It needs to be

  • robust
  • scalable
  • easy to administer
  • offer levels of access at the back end
  • hold a wide variety of image types - jpeg, bitmap, raw etc…
  • offer watermarking and date stamping
  • allow sophisticated (IPTC related) captioning but searchable across all metadata
  • run reports - most viewed/searched/downloaded etc…
  • a web based front end which can be customised to reflect the brand
  • an easily changed front page image/lightbox
  • bulk ingest/captioning etc…

After exploring it, we would like to enquire a few questions:

  • Can upload and stream mp4, mpeg, wmv, avi and other types of video formats?
  • Can we restrict folders such that only a certain group of users can upload to this folder?
  • Do you have a backend Administrator module which we can experiment?
  • And another module so that we can see how can users upload videos?

It sounds as though an iBase multimedia asset management system will be ideal for your requirements, and we look forward to talking to you and discussing further details.