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Key requirements - DAM; Digital asset management; Hosted image management; Browser based; Worldwide access; Multiple Categories; IPTC metadata; Manage user permissions

We are looking for a DAM to organise and store our images centrally on a hosted server. I spoke to someone in your organisation who kindly talked through the capabilities of ibase, and now would you be able to provide me with a quote for a hosted system:

These were our initial requirements:

  • Up to 100GB storage space
  • Supports multi-users across the world (so would be browser based) - 40-50 users
  • Category and keyword assignment (and able to assign multiple categories per image file)
  • Supports growth/easily editable in the future

Yes - each of these requirements is met.

Supports metadata - title, description, contributor, venue, image caption, credits, destination, season etc. (and to conform to IPTC industry standards)

As many data fields as are required will be provided, and if required embedded IPTC data can be extracted and put into searchable data fields.

Ability to manage access/assign restrictions to users/hide items from certain users - so only select users can edit or delete, most will be able to upload only.

Yes - iBase has a very flexible permissions structure.

Batch upload.

Yes. the batch upload form will be customised to your requirements with any data fields made mandatory if needed etc…

Back-up / recovery system.

Yes - please see iBase DAM hosting services