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Key requirements - Browser based image library system; Controlled access; Links to social media; Photo library software; Digital content management

The following key requirements have been identified for our image library.

  • Ability to search images by keyword search
  • Ability to view images as thumbnails
  • Ability to identify the contact person for that image
  • Ability to store any information that needs to be included with the image such as captions, photographer details etc
  • Be internet based
  • Ability to download high res images
  • Restricted access - logins required and admin determine what level of access
  • Allow some users to download licensed images but not all
  • Allow people to view and not download
  • Not limited to images but include video, audio, as well
  • Clean simple easy to use interface
  • Log where the image has been used
  • Quick to upload
  • Do we host it or can they host it? Does it have its own server - external software is a service model and we pay for the licensing and hosted on another server.
  • East of accessibility from the Internet and Intranet
  • Can include sections on Flickr and our website

No problem, we can help with all of this with our standard browser based image library system.