Frequently asked questions section 15

About Us

Key requirements - Digital multimedia asset management; Secure login; Media management software

Just a little background, we're an events marketing company. We are looking for a way to be able to upload images to our server that will be visible to others as a thumbnail. We want to be able to send links to clients/vendors so they can retrieve the files. We'd like it to be easy to use and have security controls so that if one of our clients needs to add something, they won't be looking at everyone else's stuff when they connect.

The system will need to provide the following.

User experience

  • Users will be required to login to the secure system by entering a user name and password.
  • A total of 10 accounts will be required with upload and download rights.
  • Users will be able to browse thumbnails created from the PDF files uploaded into the system.
  • The system will store a maximum of 500 items within a single category, there will be only one category.
  • Clicking a thumbnail will show the user a preview of the PDF.
  • Clicking a download button will download an associated zip file that will contain the assets to create the PDF.
  • User will be able to search for an item. The search will review the titles and descriptions of files.

Admin Experience

  • A single admin account will be create.
  • This will have the same privileges as the users, but will also give the right to edit and delete items.
  • A user can add an item to the system by doing the following.
  • Uploading a PDF.
  • Uploading an associated zip file.
  • Enter the title and description of the item.
  • When a user adds a file a thumbnail will automatically be create and along with a preview image of the PDF.
  • The item will be added to list of thumbnails.


The system will be branded with client logo.


The system will be hosted by the client.

The Digital asset management system offered by iBase provides for all of these requirements.