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Key requirements - Multi-media digital asset management; Image asset management; Audio asset management; Video Asset Management

Is it possible to connect to a LAN for printing?

Yes, printing to a networked device is fine.

Can it upload and view/play RAW (Nikon), JPEG, TIFF, PDF, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, QTVR (360), WMA, AIFF, WAV, MP3?

Any file with a MIME type can be uploaded, from which - in the case of images, video and audio display surrogates are created e.g. JPG, WMV, MP3.

Can it extract metadata on upload and populate appropriate fields?

Yes - during upload any embedded as IPTC or EXIF metadata can be copied to viewable and searchable fields as required.

The System must have full audit capabilities and include the following as a minimum: staff number,time and date of log in, activities whilst logged in, images uploaded, initial metadata, images viewed,editing, copies, prints and processing.

Yes, all of these are captured in the audit trail.

Can the system automatically add a watermark?

Yes - Images can be watermarked with text or a graphic at any size and in whatever position on the image is required. They can be applied to specified resolutions, for example none on the thumbnail or reference images but included on any higher resolutions. Having watermarks on display images doesn't mean that download versions have to have to have them, but they can if required.

Is uploading images to the system possible from multiple locations from cameras, memory cards, discs and mobile data devices? Mobile Devices: Blackberry Device. Bold 9000/Bold 9700/Storm v2 OS version 5.0.0.X Platform ?

Files can be uploaded from any device that can be connected to and be visible on a network from the iBase system.