E-commerce options

iBase allows you to monetise your assets, with royalty-free and rights-managed options, as well as integration with PayPal, WorldPay, Amazon Payments, Barclaycard SecurePay and other providers as required.

Rights-managed or Royalty-Free

Rights-Managed or Royalty-Free

iBase supports multiple licencing models and purchase processes – whether you want your customers to pay a fixed price for different-sized framed prints or pay a licence based on usage, territory, print run and audience, you'll find a process that works for you.

Payment Provider Integration

Integration with PayPal comes standard with iBase, meaning you can get up and running with e-commerce straightaway. In addition, we've integrated with numerous other payment providers over the years, including WorldPay, SagePay, Barclays SecurePay, NetBanx, Secure Trading and more.

Payment Provider Integration
Instand Digital Delivery

Instant Digital Delivery

If you want your customers to have instant access to files once they've paid, this can easily be done, including specifying which version of the file they can download. If on the other hand you want to restrict their access to the download until the purchase has been internally ratified, this too can be done.