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About Us

Key requirements - Digital asset management software; Video library; Image management software; Picture library software; Intuitive content organization

We are looking to deploy a website that consists of an electronic atlas of images and videos for use by our members. Software used for this project should be completely rebrandable based on our design standards. After the initial design and deployment phase of the project, site maintenance and uploading of new images/videos will be handled by non technical staff with minimal day to day support from our IT department.

At launch, the site will be accessible to only one segment of our membership for an initial 60 - 90 day period. After the initial period, the site will be open to all of our members. We would like to have a login system that mirrors our current website login information via data import. Ideally, we would like to upgrade to a single sign on scenario. We don't currently support SSO on our network but will in the near future. At time of launch, we will most likely be building a separate login database.

Here are some of the key functions that have been identified:

  • Searchability by keyword
  • Analytics - image usage needs to be trackable to fulfill sponsor reports
  • Intuitive content organization. Main level categories, with alphabetized galleries of images under each category.
  • Images have a small watermark
  • Images have a brief caption/description
  • Desired layout: Categories (approximately 8 - 10) in a horizontal row of tabs on top.
  • Must be easy to use. (By both end user as well as content managers.)
  • When an image is selected and then enlarged, the previous page will still be available when image is closed. No need to use the back button after closing an image.
  • Will be capable of both still images and video images, videos should indicate duration (minutes).

All of these key functions are available.