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Key requirements - Video metadata; Video Archive Software; Video Asset Management Software; Image Management; Media Asset Management

  • Support all common image file formats and support a variety of digital video formats, such as AVI and MPEG.
  • Allow full tracking and management of images, including copyright information and image metadata.
  • Allow organisation of images into galleries and folders.
  • Automatically generate thumbnails to allow image preview and full size images for viewing, including automatic watermarking of preview images. We also expect that the end users will wish to sell some of the images we own via a website, so some form of sales front end, and the ability to tag which images are for sale and which are not would be required
  • Provide the ability to search the full collection by keyword, including wildcard searches.
  • Provide password based access to the image collection, and allow different levels of access to images based on user profile. This includes access to images via the intranet and internet.
  • Provide a simply, user friendly interface

The iBase video and image would be ideal for these requirements.