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Key requirements - Online image library software; Online ordering; PDF and video support; AD integration; Video asset management; Mac and PC

Primarily we will need to be able have a library of hires images (jpeg / tiff) but if it is also possible to include PDFs and movie clips this might become an option for us in the future.

I am looking for software to manage photos on my company intranet, does your software offer the ability to authenticate using a user's active directory account (single sign on)?

We are looking at implementing an asset management system which will allow our clients to securely access the video assets that we hold for them. If I can briefly give you an overview of the functionality sought then I'm sure we can quickly decide which options are both achievable and affordable!

We currently host several client project folder trees which contain full HD quality masters, ranging from 100mB to 5GB in size. Within these folders are nestled other folders which may be split into country specific folders, containing audio files, pdf's etc…

We would like certain clients to have access to the whole of their project folder and others access to specified folders e.g. Main client sees the whole project but client B only sees client B folder etc. Within these folders we'd like the client to be able to browse and play both audio and video clips in either a .wmv or .mov format, hence viewable on pc and apple devices. Now if this means we have to provide the various transcoded media then that's not a major problem but a nice feature if they're automatically created when the file is uploaded.

In addition to this browse view, we would also like a means of the client ordering clips at higher resolution simply by providing confirmation and possibly a p.o. number (No requirement for e-commerce payments). Also it would be good to have a notes section for this form, such that they could provide remote ftp details for us along with any other additional file requirements.

There are lots of small features that would be handy, such as the client being able to leave notes on a clip that is work in progress, such as what work needs to be done before they'll approve it, along with a means of them being able to tell the timecode within to the clip at which this work needs to be done.

All of these requirements are supported by the iBase digital multi-media asset system.