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Key requirements - Online image library; Sharing digital media; Mutltimedia management; Picture library management; Managing digital photography; Marketing digital asset management

Required Functionality:

  • Registered users can log into the library to browse, view, download and tag or keyword files depending on their level of authority.
  • File uploads will be controlled by the Multimedia team to allow full control and a strict screening process of what is published.
  • Library to be able to be linked through the website, extranets or intranet, depending on the requirements for users.
  • Users will be able to register through the website, intranet or extranets at first and once their registration has been authorised by Multimedia, they will have instant access to the library.
  • Keyword and tag searches with suggestions for similar files and offering various formats.
  • Uniform 'look and feel' through the use of standard templates to match corporate design of the website / intranet.
  • All sections to feature automatic date embargo and archiving for time sensitive publishing, useful for communications managers briefing videos and PowerPoint presentations, press releases, news, and new product.
  • Document Metadata - To assist with searching for documents within the administration section of the site and to assist with search engine optimisation, each document supports title, meta-description and meta-keywords.
  • Audit trail - any additions, changes or deletions a user makes may be logged in the audit trail.
  • Controlled access for different users
  • Customised web user interface
  • E-commerce functionality
  • A simple to use, interactive and easy to access system
  • A reduction in operators time being used ineffectively i.e. time wasted on searching for photography
  • A guarantee that the photography being used has been agreed by all parties and is current
  • Essential information and expiry date to be captured and stored alongside each photograph i.e. copyright
  • A fast operating system which will display the required search quickly and not affect the operational speed of the users machine (i.e. previous systems have halted machine operations)
  • Store files/images in various formats
  • Share and publish files/images of all sizes
  • Expire and archive files/images when specified
  • Allow for detail to be inputted alongside each file/image i.e. copyright etc
  • Provide a simple and effective search engine
  • Easy to use, understand and access
  • Integrate with desktops and other internal systems where applicable
  • Affordable and value for money.

iBase digital asset management system meets all of these requirements.